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 "by and large, it falls to Stephen Strawbridge's lighting to set the mood and reshape the space, which it does, fluently."


"the lighting by Stephen Strawbridge brings the violence of Kristallnacht right into the Gellburgs’ bedroom."


"Stephen Strawbridge’s lighting fills the room with plenty of natural light with subtle shadings for interior hallways that receive less light."


"... the realm of metaphor, create vast hypnotic landscapes. Lighting by Stephen Strawbridge in this, as well as the third and fourth portion of the program, sculpt the performers well, while simultaneously communicating with the story."

Marie Antoinette, Soho Rep

“The other star of the production is the lighting, by designer Stephen Strawbridge, who fills a sparse set with tons of nuance.”

Proof, McCarter Theatre

"Stephen Strawbridge, the lighting designer, artfully employs side lighting to give a sculptural quality to the actors."

Double Indemnity, Old Globe

“Stephen Strawbridge’s lighting is masterful. Film noir lurks in the shadows. Like Dracula, it deplores sunlight. Stark camera angles make the familiar strange. The overall look resembles a photographic negative, as if viewers have arrived at the Dark Side of the Force, or, as film after film insists, to a place that has been there since Eve bit the apple.

Strawbridge lights some interior scenes too brightly — the hospital, for example. This may be deliberate, to heighten the doom-shrouded, Satanic mills atmosphere elsewhere. He reverses normal contrasts, making the dark dominant, and uses the famous striped “Venetian blind” effect in the Wilder movie.”

The Dining Room, Westport Playhouse

“Stephen Strawbridge's lighting complements the appropriate time of day, with bright dawns for early breakfasts through the rich oranges of a disappearing afternoon and to the grace of a room punctured by candlelight.”

Hamlet, Yale Repertory Theatre

“Stephen Strawbridge's skillful lighting”‎

“Stephen Strawbridge's earnest and threatening lighting”

“Stephen Strawbridge's dramatic lighting” (CT)

January Joiner, Long Wharf Theatre

“and Stephen Strawbridge's lighting seamlessly complement the action.”

08 Madame Butterfly SFO - 140.jpg

Madame Butterfly, LA Opera

“One should also mention the strong work of lighting designer Stephen Strawbridge, who turned every scene in the Japanese house on the hill into a painting.”

“lighting designer Stephen Strawbridge illumines the lovers’ marital bed with the constellations in a dazzlingly romantic expression of their passion.”

The Train Driver, Signature Theatre

“Scorched by Stephen Strawbridge's merciless lighting

“blasted landscape of refuse-strewn sand, illuminated by Stephen Strawbridge with sensitivity to the daily mutations of natural light”

“Stephen Strawbridge’s lighting makes one feel the passage of days within the play’s short running time”

“there's also sterling work from Stephen Strawbridge, whose lighting constantly reshapes the space as it delineates various times of day”

Strange Interlude, Shakespeare Theatre, DC

“allows Stephen Strawbridge's lighting design to set the emotional tone”

“Stephen Strawbridge’s lighting is subtle, yet unique. With every locale the walls of the set change color.”

The Blood Knot, Signature Theatre

“as Stephen Strawbridge's lighting, which was previously quite muted, takes on a harsher, all-seeing glare.”

meticulously lit by Stephen Strawbridge

It’s a Wonderful Live/Radio Play, Long Wharf Theatre

“Strawbridge's lighting is fluid and effective.”

Krapps Last Tape, Long Wharf Theatre

“Stephen Strawbridge's lighting design befits Beckett's purposes, with a bright overhead lamp illuminating the table (as commented upon by the Krapp of 30 years ago) and its increasingly dark and portentious surroundings. Dennehy's Krapp acknowledges his frequent presence--and perhaps comfort--in the darkness of life in a clever way, by losing himself in the dark and extending his banana and his boot into the contrasting brightness.”

Rigoletto, Dallas Opera

“imaginative lighting by Stephen Strawbridge”

Black Tie, Primary Stages

“Stephen Strawbridge’s too-bright lighting captures perfectly the lack of mood of the tourist class hotel.”

Happy Days, Westport Playhouse

“Most effective are the rock formations: sandy colored boulders, that under Stephen Strawbridge's subtle lighting, take on almost face-like imagery. In the play's final moments, as Winnie closes her eyes, her head morphs into another rock atop the infinite pile. Inspired.”

Shipwrecked, Primary Stages

“Stephen Strawbridge's extremely fluent lighting”

“and the lighting design by Stephen Strawbridge are equally instrumental in helping to clearly define the myriad characters”

Coming Home, Long Wharf Theatre

“Lighting design by Stephen Strawbridge complements and enhances the experience”

We Have Always Lived in a Castle, Yale Repertory Theatre

“assisted by Stephen Strawbridge's lighting

“nicely lighted to reveal her changing emotions by designer Stephen Strawbridge”

Death of a Salesman, Yale Repertory Theatre

“aided by Stephen Strawbridge's haunting lighting”

Passion Play, Yale Repertory Theatre

“the pine panels of the floor and walls are surmounted only by a strip of sky, aglow with Stephen Strawbridge’s masterly lighting”

The Evildoers, Yale Repertory Theatre

Riccardo Hernandez’s glass and steel set combines with Stephen Strawbridge’s stark lighting design to create a world that can flip instantly from cool sophistication to chilling nightmare.”

The Glorious Ones, Lincoln Center Theatre

“even as Stephen Strawbridge's lighting makes sure we don't miss any of the rousing ribaldry”

it is attractively lit by Stephen Strawbridge, especially when he's scattering golden Italian sunlight across the stage, or imitating the footlights of another era.

A Prayer for My Enemy, Playwrights Horizons

“Stephen Strawbridge's clarifying lighting”

“Sher and lighting designer Stephen Strawbridge highlight these breakouts in a sharp yellow gleam, minimizing what could otherwise be a source of confusion.”

Bernarda Alba, Lincoln Center Theatre

“and Stephen Strawbridge's gorgeous lighting providing the perfect stark, solemn environment for the show”

“Barecca's spare, eye-grabbing setting is lit with superb skill by Stephen Strawbridge; one moment the white upstage wall is an edifice of glaring white light; a moment later the stage is populated by shadows. Their work combines to suggest the savage heat of Andalusian sunlight and the stifling interiors of rural houses.”

“Stephen Strawbridge's sometimes blazing lighting”

“Stephen Strawbridge's chiaroscuro lighting design”

“the expressive, shadowy patterns of Stephen Strawbridge's lighting that command the most admiration and attention.”

“Stephen Strawbridge's harsh lights are crucial enough to become an eleventh character.”

Stephen Strawbridge does exceptional work with his lighting design.

Madame Butterfly, San Francisco Opera

“Lighting designer Stephen Strawbridge adds to the production's beauty and drama. One particularly memorable scene involves the changing sky as Cio-Cio-San stays up all night awaiting Pinkerton, whose anchored ship is seen in profile.”

Dirty Tricks Public Theatre.jpg

Dirty Tricks, Public Theatre

It is lit with skill and sensitivity by Stephen Strawbridge.

You Never Can Tell, Yale Repertory Theatre

“Stephen Strawbridge's crystalline lighting almost makes you smell the salt air and feel the breeze from the water.”

Orfeo ed Eurydice, New York City Opera

“The shadowy lighting by Stephen Strawbridge is effective: against a brightly lit screen, the dancers' bodies seem unearthly, radiant and eerily androgynous.”

Ahab’s Wife, Snug Harbor Cultural Association

“also owes much to Stephen Strawbridge's lighting”

An Uncertain Hour, Martha Clarke, Serious Fun Festival

“its acid-dawn lighting (by Stephen Strawbridge)” - v=onepage&q=stephen strawbridge lightin

A Perfect Ganesh, Mahattan Theatre Club

and the poetic lighting of Stephen Strawbridge.

Dem in America 3.jpg

Democracy in America, Yale Repertory Theatre

“the cast crisscrosses the stage in blazing light of Stephen Strawbridge”

Pilobolus Dance Theatre

“Stephen Strawbridge's darkish lighting creates a complete universe in which the drama unfolds.” (Bens Admonition)

“whimsical lighting by Stephen Strawbridge.” (Monkey and the Bone Demon)

“Stephen Strawbridge's lighting shifted in intensity according to the characters' shifting passions.” (Warm Heart)

Pilobolus Dance Theatre/2002 Cultural Olympiad

“The atmospheric lighting was by Stephen Strawbridge” (The Brass Ring)